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  • How might a court deal with financial matters upon divorce?

    At Anthony Collins Solicitors, our Accredited Family Mediators are able to give independent and impartial legal information to parties going through separation matters. We are, however, unable to provide legal advice as that is a matter for parties own legal advisors. We appreciate however that not everyone coming to family mediation wants to or can afford to instruct a solicitor. For those that don’t or can’t, understanding how a court would consider resolving a financial matters on divorce can be a daunting task. In family mediation we do not try to find the best result for you but a conclusion that you both are comfortable with. Nevertheless it is often helpful to parties to understand how, if the they are unable to reach conclusions in family mediation a court would approach their financial matter and what factors a court would take into account.

    The Family Justice Council has provided guidance on this issue. Parties to family mediation, especially those without solicitors, are encouraged to read this document when coming to family mediation to learn more about how courts would approach their financial matters, if asked to do so. 


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