What is mediation?

When a relationship breaks down, whether you are married or not, problems can arise in relation to children, money and property. Individuals naturally become concerned as to how their assets will be divided; what is to happen to the family home and who is to care for any children.

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process in which an independent and impartial mediator assists parties to reach their own solution to these problems, helping to avoid costly and time consuming court proceedings.

The mediator (or co-mediators) will work with the couple providing information where necessary, legal or otherwise, over a number of sessions until conclusions are reached or it is determined that mediation can no longer proceed. The process is managed by the mediator however the content is set by the couple. The mediator will not make decisions or give advice. The couple will instead work out the arrangements for themselves and for their children.

At Anthony Collins Solicitors, we offer sole or co-mediation on all of the above issues. Our accredited family mediators are also fully qualified solicitors with extensive knowledge of family law and court procedures. Mediation helps clients reach amicable conclusions and preserves their dignity.

Separation should not be about winners and losers but traditional court proceedings can often make it feel that way. Crucially, mediation also keeps any children out of the firing line and at the forefront of the agenda.

Whether you are married, in a civil partnership, living together, grandparents or in same sex relationships, we can help with:

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Why choose mediation?
  • Mediation allows you to reach your own solution rather than having it imposed by the court. You are in control of the process;
  • Costs are potentially reduced as it helps you avoid expensive and time consuming court proceedings;
  • Mediators do not provide individual advice, but can offer unbiased legal and other information directing both parties in the mediation; and
  • The court now expects couples to have considered and ideally attempted mediation as a way of resolving their problems prior to the commencement of court proceedings. Without considering mediation, you may be prevented from pursuing a court application.
 A team of family mediators

Maria Ramon, Senior Associate

Maria is a member of the College of Mediators and is registered with the Family Mediation Council. Alongside her mediation work, she is also a specialist in family law and advises on the practical aspects as well as the division of assets following separation both for married couples and cohabiting couples. Maria also specialises in cases where arrangements for children need to be resolved.

You can contact Maria here.

Maria Ramon, Senior Associate.

Maria Ramon, Senior Associate.

Chris Lloyd-Smith, Senior Associate

Chris is a Resolution trained family mediator and has been accredited by the Family Mediation Council.  Alongside his work as a mediator, he also practises as a family solicitor. Chris has been qualified since 2004 and during that time has gained significant experience in all areas of family law. He has been accredited as a solicitor by Resolution as a specialist in both financial matters and those involving children.

You can contact Chris here.

Chris Lloyd-Smith, Senior Associate.

Chris Lloyd-Smith, Senior Associate.


A cost-effective mediation service

Our mediation services are charged at a competitive hourly rate, on a pay-as-you-go basis to help you manage your cash flow. Fees are set at £120.00 (including VAT) per person for a MIAM, £180.00 (including VAT) per person, per hour for sole mediation and £210 (including VAT) per person, per hour for co-mediation. On average Mediation sessions last for one to two hours and the service usually includes all pre and post mediation administration including routine correspondence, telephone calls or emails.

If preparation for your session is required, for example consideration of documents or you require a summary of any session, then this will be charged at £180 per hour (including VAT). If an agreement is reached there will be a charge for the preparation of the document recording it of £180.00 per hour (including VAT).

In cases where the joint income exceeds £100,000 per annum and joint assets exceed £1million, or where financial disclosure is copious and complicated, issues and risks may be more complex and the above rates may not apply. We will discuss your options with you before we proceed and aim to agree an appropriate rate with you depending on your individual requirements and circumstances.

Prices are valid as of January 2017 and may be subject to change.

For more information regarding our mediation services

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